Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Demanding triumph of Gran Canaria - The Province

Demanding triumph of Gran Canaria - The Province

Gran Canaria: Miguel Serrano, Gerardo Pérez, Jovan Kljajic, Oier Ardanza, Khalifa Diop; -Initial team- Eric Carretero, Alberto Redondo, Alejandro Arencibia, Guillermo Garcia, Adrián del Cerro, Marci Steinbergs and Pedro López.

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Iberostar Canarias: Jonathan Jorge, Samuel Rodriguez, Jonathan Kilobeiti, Musa Sagnia, Brian RAmos-Initial legal-; Gabriel Campos, Mus Janha, Jorge Bercedo, Jonathan Rodriguez and Max Ivankovic.

Referees: M. Brito and E. Pulido.

Partial: 8-34, 21-59, 39-90 and 45-111.

The Gran Canaria asserted its status as favorite by defeating 85-51 a Iberostar that had options to take the win at all times and that was decided in the last moments of the match.

He started commanding the Laguneros thanks to Kilobeiti's points to put a worrying 2-8 on the scoreboard.

Reacted the yellow stars and Jovan Kljajic and Khalifa Diop printed more intensity to close the first quarter with an unfavorable score, 19-24.

The Canary endured the Claretian pull in the second quarter and concluded the time of rest with maximum equality in the light of the Vega, 45-45.

After the return of costumes, 12 Carretero points gave the Granca first comfortable advantage with which to get 61-49.

They returned the Kilobeiti and Musa coin, with a partial 0-13 to take the emotion to the stands.

Finally the points of Eric Carretero and Jovan Kljajic sentenced 85-81 in favor of the Granca.


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