Demand skyrockets in New York food banks

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is causing demand to skyrocket in New York food banks, state Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday, announcing new emergency funds to ensure no one goes hungry.

According to Cuomo, demand at these centers that distribute food to people in need has increased 100% in New York City and up to 200% in Westchester County, just north of the Big Apple.

"It is predictable in some way, but the numbers are very high and we have to respond," said the governor, who announced a $ 25 million game to support food banks and asked for support from charities.

In the humble neighborhoods of New York, large queues have been seen in the food delivery centers in recent weeks, despite the fact that the local authorities have opened numerous new facilities to respond to the economic difficulties that many families are experiencing.

More than a million New Yorkers have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus and the economic activity stoppage decreed to stop the pandemic.

According to Cuomo, in this situation there are problems of supply and demand in the food market, which means that while there are people in the south of the state who need food, in the north some dairy producers are being forced to throw milk because they cannot output it.

"This seems to me a waste," defended the governor, who stressed the need to share production in rural areas of the state and needs in other areas.

To that end, he announced that the state is going to launch an initiative to buy excess milk on farms and work with companies that produce yogurts, cheese and other dairy products to distribute them in food banks.

Data from Johns Hopkins University estimate that the state, the epicenter of the US coronavirus pandemic, already reports some 288,000 cases and some 22,000 deaths, 17,000 of them in New York City.


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