November 30, 2020

Delta and Latam close an agreement to cover the entire American continent

The airlines Delta (United States) and Latam (Chile) confirmed this Thursday the signing of a bilateral trans-American trade agreement with the aim of covering in the combination of their flights the breadth of travel throughout the American continent.

This was confirmed by Latam through a statement in which it explained that, in the absence of the necessary regulatory authorizations, this alliance will allow combining the routes between South America and North America.

“While we remain focused on managing the COVID-19 crisis, and protecting the safety and well-being of our passengers and workers, we also have to look to the future to ensure the group’s long-term sustainability,” said Latam’s chief executive, Roberto Alvo.

His counterpart at the US airline, Ed Bastian, explained that, “although the landscape of the industry has changed,” this agreement is a “leading strategic alliance in Latin America” ​​with Latam, a union that they began to build in 2019.

Already then, both airlines had agreed and implemented various benefits such as shared codes between Delta and Latam subsidiaries in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil to expand the offer of destinations, which is intended to extend to flights from Chile and Argentina in South America and from the USA and Canada in North America.

The benefit for the passengers of Latam and Delta of accrual of miles for the consumption of products of both companies and redeemable in either of the two companies was also effective.

The US airline Delta announced in September 2019 the purchase, for about $ 1.9 billion, of 20% of Latam, the largest airline in Latin America, and which until then was allied with its rival American Airlines.

The surprise operation was the beginning of the creation of this agreement, since the two companies combined will move more passengers between North America and Latin America than any group of airlines.


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