September 19, 2020

Deliveroo initiates a collective dismissal of workers from its offices in Spain

The multinational Deliveroo of home deliveries intends to apply an ERE to its workers in the offices it has in Spain. This has been communicated by the company to its staff, as has verified, where it informs the staff that it is beginning the collective dismissal procedure, with 15 days to allow employees to create the commission that will represent them in the consultation process versus management. The UGT union has filed a complaint against this measure before the Labor Inspectorate and accuses Deliveroo of “relocation to take their activity to Romania” while the Government of Spain prepares the regulation of platform distributors (also called ‘riders’) to They are workers with an employment contract and not self-employed.

Work begins the procedures to approve the laws on telework and against false self-employed on digital platforms

Work begins the procedures to approve the laws on telework and against false self-employed on digital platforms

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Deliveroo sources respond that “no final decision has been made at the moment and a consultation process will be developed.” The company does not provide data on the collective dismissal, so the number of employees who could be affected by the measure is currently unknown. They point to this medium that “it is a very difficult announcement and one that fills all of us who are part of Deliveroo with sadness. Our highest priority will be to ensure that the people who are affected have our full support.”

The consultation period for the collective dismissal will open on July 24, according to what this medium has learned, and may affect many of the multinational’s departments in Spain: Commercial, Operations, Recruitment, Customer Service, Strategy and Deliveroo for Business , among other.

UGT has denounced this Friday that the company intends to take these worker positions to Romania. Deliveroo does not respond to this alleged relocation of staff. “Like any large-scale company, we have to look for efficiency as well as growth to achieve long-term profitability, which means reviewing our structures and the way we work. Unfortunately, this could mean that some positions would cease to be necessary in the company, “respond company sources.

The Secretary of Union Policy of the UGT, Gonzalo Pino, has denounced that “Deliveroo wants to leave without paying the millionaire debt that he has with Social Security.” The multinational, which has lost all the lawsuits it has faced in Spain regarding the condition of its riders’ workers, is already chaining several defeats (Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza) in the courts against the General Treasury of Social Security, that claims the unpaid quotas given the labor status of its deliverymen. The last one was derived from the Work in Zaragoza performance., for which 57 messengers were regularized, and that Deliveroo announced that he would appeal.


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