April 15, 2021

Deliver more than 266,000 signatures to ask Congress to decriminalize euthanasia – La Provincia

Deliver more than 266,000 signatures to ask Congress to decriminalize euthanasia - La Provincia

Two families have come to this Monday Congress of Deputies to deliver more than 266,000 signatures, collected through the platform 'Change.org', to request decriminalization of euthanasia and assisted medical suicide.

"We have come to deliver the signatures asking that decriminalize euthanasia, asking that the right to decide on the end of one's life cease to be a crime. That people can decide how we want to die, and when life does not make sense, we have the right to leave in a dignified way, "said Asun Gómez, widow of Luis de Marcos, responsible for initiating this petition in May 2017.

In the same way, the children of Maribel, a 75-year-old patient who has been suffering from Alzheimer's for 12 years, have pronounced themselves. "This petition goes far beyond any partisan issue, political color, it is a human issue, because we are before a law that threatens dignity, humanity and physical and mental integrity and, therefore, against human rights," said Daniel Aser.

Currently in process in the Lower House a law presented by the PSOE to decriminalize euthanasia, although as families have lamented, as well as the Socialist spokesman for Health, Jesus Maria Fernandez, have "blocked" the PP and Citizens.

This regulation, as they have recalled, is in the phase of presentation of amendments, which is delaying "without any meaning" on the part of the "popular" and the party led by Albert Rivera. "The attitude of the PP and Citizens is something absolutely inhuman that for fear of losing votes are hindering a right that should be fundamental, "asserted Asun Gomez.

At this point, the PSOE deputy has warned of the need for Citizens to take a decision on this matter, recalling that he said "be in favor" when voted, in June 2018, the consideration of this law in Congress of the Deputies. "It is currently blocking in an indirect way," Fernandez emphasized.

Law that "violates human rights"

Now, while this law is approved or not, the patients, and "the majority of Spaniards", are under a law that, as Aser insisted, "attentively in an absolute way" against human rights. Therefore, he commented that his claim is a "question of State, a law of first necessity".

"We only ask Citizens and PP not to negotiate with pain, to respect and not impose, because in the end it is a matter of valuing and respecting the fundamental rights of the human being and that each of us is free to be able to decide how and when we want to leave, "said Maribel's son, who recalled that her mother, before suffering from the disease, asked them not to let her live in the state of health in which she currently lives.

The families have been supported by Dr. Marcos Ariel Hourmann, the first doctor sentenced in Spain to apply euthanasia to an 82-year-old terminal patient and author of the book 'Morir vivir, vivir moririendo'.

"When you do not know who your child is or can not say I love you, the meaning of life changes a lot," said the doctor, after commenting that "this has nothing to do with politics" because it is the life of each one, and "nobody asks to die because he wants to."

That said, and in relation to the position against the Collegial Medical Organization (WTO) on euthanasia, Ariel Hourmann recalled that doctors are human beings and have beliefs of all kinds, so the possibility of not exercising euthanasia It is within the law.

"It is not a cooperative issue, it is not a decision of all doctors of schools, it is a human decision, that the doctor has to understand that doctors are to help and if not we can help to live because it is medically irreversible … why not help them to live? ", the doctor has questioned.

Likewise, the delivery of signatures has also had the backing of the associations Right to a Dignified Death (DMD) and Remontando el Vuelo, the philosopher Javier Sádaba, as well as the PSOE, BNG, Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Marea, PdCAT, Esquerra Republican, CUP, PNV, EH Bildu, Compromís and More Madrid.


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