Delgado brings to the next Fiscal Council the circumstances of the dismissal of the former prosecutor in the Villarejo case

The next meeting of the Fiscal Council, scheduled for November 24, will address the circumstances in which the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, agreed more than a year ago to withdraw Ignacio Stampa from the Villarejo case, one of the two prosecutors who had promoted the more than thirty pieces that make up this case. In a communication addressed to the race at noon this Tuesday, to which has had access, the head of the Public Ministry affirms that in the face of the “very serious and defamatory” accusations that have appeared in recent days in the media in relation to with the Fiscal Council and other organs of the Fiscal Ministry has taken the decision to add a “specific point” in the agenda of the next Fiscal Council to “gather detailed information on this matter”.

The Prosecutor's Office files the complaint of Vox against the former prosecutor in the Villarejo case and rejects that he leaked information to Podemos

The Prosecutor’s Office files the complaint of Vox against the former prosecutor in the Villarejo case and rejects that he leaked information to Podemos

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On October 27, 2020, Delgado refused to assign Stampa one of the eight seats owned in the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office to which he had chosen and, consequently, he was no longer attached to this macrocause. Until then he was on secondment in the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office. The attorney general did not propose it for a fixed position following the criteria set by the Fiscal Council, where Stampa was not endorsed neither by the five members of the conservative Association of Prosecutors (AF), to which he is associated, nor by the four of the Progressive Union of Prosecutors (UPF).

The circumstances of the cessation of Stampa have returned to the present time in recent days after it emerged that he has presented a patrimonial claim for an impairment of his career and his image for which he directly blames the State Attorney General, he said. ABC. According to the prosecutor, Delgado should have abstained from the process of allocating places since he had a “personal and direct interest” in the case, which included “indications” of “the participation of his sentimental partner”, Baltasar Garzón, who practiced the defense of several investigated, as reported by this medium.

This same Tuesday, the conservative Association of Prosecutors has demanded through a statement to Delgado that he explain in a “very detailed” manner in the Fiscal Council the “alleged maneuvers” that he carried out in order to justify that Stampa was not appointed for Anticorruption . However, in his email Delgado indicates that at least one member of this situation already knew since Monday to take the matter to the next meeting of the Fiscal Council. According to Delgado, he contacted by phone at 1:30 p.m. this Monday with the elected members of the Fiscal Council with the highest seniority, Aurelio Blanco Peñalver (UPF) and Concepción Talón Navarro (AF), in order to inform them of the inclusion of this matter in the order of the day and share this “institutional concern” with them.

Last week, the minority Professional and Independent Association of Prosecutors (APIF) had asked the Fiscal Council to clarify a matter that, in its opinion, “is allegedly plagued with irregularities”, which causes “very serious damage” to the Prosecutor’s Office. . According to the APIF, this is a matter of “maximum gravity” that the Fiscal Council had to submit to debate because it had “repercussions” in a very serious case of political and police corruption, alluding to the Villarejo case. The members of the Fiscal Council elected at the proposal of UPF responded to this letter, and in another statement stated that for the award of these positions in Anti-Corruption, “no issue unrelated to the merit and capacity of the total number of candidatures presented was not taken into consideration” .

Last February, the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office filed the proceedings that he had opened on July 8, 2020 against Stampa after a complaint in which Vox accused him of collusion with Podemos. The Public Ministry refused to leak information to the formation of Pablo Iglesias and closed the investigation when it did not see a crime in his performance. A month later, in March, the Tax Inspection also closed the internal investigation open to the prosecutor after also ruling out that he revealed secrets to Podemos.


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