Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Delgado blames his recording with Villarejo to the "sewers of the State fed by the PP"

Delgado culpa de su grabación con Villarejo a las “cloacas del Estado alimentadas por el PP”

Congress approved a motion yesterday to Dolores Delgado resign or be dismissed immediately. But that motion is ineffective, so Delgado remains at the bottom of the cannon and today he has appeared before the Justice Commission of Congress to explain the controversial recordings of his food with the former commissioner. José Manuel Villarejo in 2009.

The Minister of Justice has blamed the controversy on "the sewers of the State fed by the PP." He has presented himself as a "double victim" of the former commissioner, who is in prison accused of 14 crimes, and of the "right, extreme right and extreme, extreme right". He has insisted that he will not give in to "blackmail" and has stated that he did not lie, that he never had a friendship with Villarejo and only shared a tablecloth with him on occasion "invited by a colleague from the National Court." "They will not intimidate me," he summarized.

Delgado has arrived at this situation after these recorded recordings were published during a meal held nine years ago to which she, Villarejo, the former judge, attended. Baltasar Garzón and other people. During the lunch, the minister described as "fagot" the judge of the National Court Fernando Grande-Marlaska, that today is minister of Interior and, therefore, companion of Delgado's cabinet. The head of Interior has not given importance to the matter and both ministers showed their good relationship in the Senate with a kiss.

In subsequent installments of the recordings, Delgado explained that some judges and prosecutors were with minors during a trip to Colombia and also heard how Villarejo related that he had a brothel. The opposition reproaches him for not pursuing these alleged crimes given his status as a prosecutor assigned to the National Court. Therefore, PP and Citizens voted in favor of the motion to resign. Podemos abstained because he does not see with good eyes that he has related "with a guy like Villarejo".

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