September 19, 2020

Delgado annuls the order of the previous attorney general that put obstacles to the Argentine cause on Francoist crimes

The prosecutor Dolores Delgado has annulled an order signed by her predecessor in office, Consuelo Madrigal, from September 2016, in which the Madrid chief prosecutor was urged to oppose the processing of rogatory commissions related to the case opened in Argentina for Francoist crimes between 1976 and 1978.

The Argentine cause pushes the creation in Spain of a Truth Commission on Francoism

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The decision of the Prosecutor’s Office not to oppose the proceedings that may be carried out may have significance in the face of the last summons made in this matter by the head of the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court 1 of the Argentine Republic, María Servini, which has set for the next September 3, the telematic interrogation of former Minister Rodolfo Martín Villa, accused in this process.

In any case, the last word on an appearance of these characteristics -which has been fixed and finally paralyzed for years postponed in recent years- will be the judge who has to admit or not the diligence, according to legal sources consulted by Europa Press and according to El País.

Quote from Martín Villa

Servini intends to determine the possible responsibilities of Martín Villa in alleged crimes of the Franco regime, such as the massacre of March 3, 1976, in which five people died and more than a hundred were injured by shots fired by the Armed Police against the participants in a workers protest that was held in Vitoria.

The coordinator Ceaqua, who represents the victims, also claims responsibility for the death of Rafael Gómez Jáuregui in Renteria; by José Luis Cano Pérez in Pamplona; Francisco Javier Núñez in Bilbao -all of them occurred in 1977-, as well as; by José María Zabala Erasun in Hondarribia and by María Norma Menchaca in Santurce, both a year earlier. They also ask to clarify the events that occurred in the city of Pamplona in July 1978 during the celebration of the San Fermín Festival.

The last attempt by Judge Servini to question Martín Villa was last March, when she requested to travel to our country on the 20th of that month by means of a letter addressed to the Directorate of International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of Worship. The COVID-19 crisis ruined this visit and with its subsequent postponement to May.

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