Delays and trains canceled on the second day of the Renfe machinists’ strike




The second day of strike by
Renfe train drivers are meeting delays, platforms with crowds of passengers
and a total of 179 trains canceled in Rodalies de Cataluña, Cercanías de Valencia and Madrid. The strikes yesterday affected especially services in Catalonia, Cercanías de Valencia and, to a lesser extent, Madrid.

According to Renfe, the day of work stoppages called by Semaf has started with “generalized delays” that the company blames a group of machinists for non-compliance with minimum services, as also happened this Thursday, which the union denies. “As yesterday, there are unjustified absences of machinists, since all of them have a letter of minimum services,” they denounce from the company-

Renfe sources have reported that until 8.30 in the morning 42% of the planned service in Catalonia have been provided, compared to 85% of minimum services decreed by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Transport. In other words, 114 Rodalies trains have been eliminated. On the other hand, in Cercanías de Valencia 41% of the minimum services are met with 27 suspended trains and in Cercanías Madrid compliance reaches 74% with 34 suspended trains. In the rest of the Cercanías centers, as in the commercial services of Ave and Long Distance, the minimum services determined by the Ministry of Transport and by the Generalitat of Catalonia in the case of Rodalies are being met.

The director of Rodalies, Mayte Castillo, has apologized to the Catalans for the consequences of a strike that “continues today in the same circumstances, despite the fact that all the minimum service letters have been sent.” As he explained, the company has sent the letters to the workers “following the formal procedure”, with certified shipments, for which they have asked the drivers to comply with the minimum service percentages.

Not meeting the minimum services

Renfe denounced yesterday that a total of 325 trains that had to comply with the minimum services did not circulate in Rodalies in Catalonia, in Cercanías de Valencia and, to a lesser extent, in Madrid.

In breakdown, the circulation of 50% of the services in Rodalies de Catalunya (195 trains that should have circulated as Minimum Services), 57% of the Cercanías de Valencia (43 trains of the Minimum Services) and 26% in the Cercanías de Madrid (87 trains of the Minimum Services). To all these suspensions were added those that were contemplated in the Decrees of Minimum Services of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (which contemplated the suspension of 25% of trains at rush hour) and of Catalonia (suspension of 15% of trains at rush hour).

On the other hand, circulation was practically normal in the rest of the Cercanías centers throughout Spain (Bilbao, Seville, Malaga, Asturias, Cádiz, Murcia-Alicante, San Sebastián …), in the Media Distancia trains and in the Ave trains. , Avlo, Alvia, Euromed and Intercity, where the minimum services were met almost entirely.

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