May 16, 2021

Defense suspends the convicted civil guard from La Manada

Defense suspends the convicted civil guard from La Manada

The Official Bulletin of the Ministry of Defense (BOD) today published the suspension of civil guard Antonio Manuel Guerrero, one of the members of La Manada sentenced to nine years in prison for sexual abuse of a young woman in the Sanfermines of 2016.

According to the resolution, which Efe, Guerrero has had access to, "in an active situation and framed for the purposes of the internal regime in the Cordova headquarters, it has been suspended from office since December 10, 2018." The Civil Guard was reincorporated to the service but without assignment of destination and now Article 92 of the Staff Regime Law of the armed institute has been applied.

An article that states that the move to the situation of suspension of duties it may be agreed as a consequence of the prosecution, indictment or adoption of any precautionary measure against the accused in a criminal proceeding. "The Minister of Defense, assessing the seriousness of the incriminated acts, the existence or not of preventive detention, the damage that the imputation infers to the regime of the Institute or the social alarm produced, may decide the suspension of functions." The Minister of the Interior will determine if said suspension entails the cessation in the destination ", adds this precept.

On January 3, the second section of the Provincial Court of Navarre agreed that the five members of the Pack remain on provisional freedom to estimate two judges against one that there were not sufficient reasons to change their situation and see "weak" the risk of flight.


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