Defense responds to the judge of the Pegasus case that "there is no secret to declassify" to interrogate Robles and Marlaska

Defense responds to the judge of the Pegasus case that "there is no secret to declassify" to interrogate Robles and Marlaska

The Council of Ministers has given the green light to a resolution of the Ministry of Defense to answer the judge who is investigating the pegasus case that there is no secret material to declassify in view of the minister's statements Margaret Oaks and the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, as witnesses and affected by espionage. According to Defense sources confirmed to, the department has decided to reply to the judge of the National High Court that "there is nothing secret to declassify" about the espionage with Pegasus on the phones of both members of the Government and that it could affect their statements. .

Keys about Pegasus, the software that has hacked Sánchez, Robles and independentistas

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The judge of the National Court José Luis Calama, who is investigating the Pegasus case after the Government's complaint, addressed the Council of Ministers at the end of last July. On the one hand, he announced his intention to take testimony from two other spies, Margarita Robles and Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the Defense and Interior ministers, respectively, whose phones were infected by the software. On the other hand, he requested documentation from the Council of Ministers.

Documentation requested through a request in which Calama requested the declassification of "the matters, acts, documents, information, data and objects declared secret or reserved and that could be affected by said testimonies." The magistrate did not specify, therefore, what he was looking for or if he was certain that he was asking for something that actually existed. Previously, last May, the Council of Ministers already authorized the National Intelligence Center (CNI) to share information with the court handling the case.

This is a case in which Judge José Luis Calama investigates the infection of the phones of Pedro Sánchez, Margarita Robles and Fernando Grande-Marlaska with Pegasus spyware, in addition to the theft of several megabytes of information from their terminals. A case in which the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has also been called to testify.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, advanced on August 2, as soon as she learned of her summons, that her intention and that of Marlaska is to testify before the judge of the National High Court that is investigating the 'Pegasus case' in writing, as the Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory did it in his day, Felix Bolanos. "Our idea is to do it in writing because the law allows that possibility (...), we want to fully collaborate with the Justice," he said then. In any case, he insisted that both, as harmed by espionage, "little" can contribute to the cause.

Robles hoped that it would be possible to clarify who invaded his terminals with this software and added that he trusts that the magistrate José Luis Calama will go "all the way" to find the material author of the espionage, although he has recognized that it will be difficult.

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