Defense orders a new medical examination to the corporal victim of macho violence farewell | Society

Defense orders a new medical examination to the corporal victim of macho violence farewell | Society

In video, interview with Corporal María de las Camelias.

The Ministry of Defense has requested a new medical report on Corporal María de las Camelias López corporal, who was forced out of office because of the psychic disorders suffered after being a victim of sexist violence and workplace harassment. The department that runs Margarita Robles has requested a report from the Superior Medical Expert Board and has suspended the resolution period of the appeal filed against his dismissal.

In November 2014, the corporal's husband was sentenced in a final sentence to penalties amounting to eight years and three months in prison for eight crimes of habitual abuse, threats and coercion. Previously, the soldier had been subjected to labor harassment by a sergeant who forced her to dig a trench while she was four months pregnant, which led to an abortion, although she did not report it at the time.

Although the court that sentenced her husband stated that his behavior produced his victim "an anxious depressive disorder", the military medical board that examined the corporal obviated the causes of his psychic problems and even pointed out that his origin it was "predispositional"; that is to say. that the personality of the military predisposed her to suffer from mental illness.

In the appeal filed against her expulsion from the Army, which took effect last November after 17 years of service, the corporal denounced that, when she went to the military medical board, "the examination that was done was only to collect the documentation that contributed without that on the part of any specialist was submitted to a structured medical examination ". Nor was accepted the evidence he proposed, considering it inappropriate and unnecessary.

For this reason, the military presented an appeal in which she asked for her reinstatement in her military capacity and acknowledged that her disorders occurred after her entry into the ranks and as a result of her condition as a victim of gender violence and harassment. labor. As an alternative, he requested that it be submitted, at least, to a new recognition by the Higher Medical Expert Advisory Board of Military Health, to which the Ministry of Defense has finally acceded.

The case of María de las Camelias López resulted in the Ombudsman acting, Francisco Fernández Marugán, opened an investigation ex officio and requested the adoption of "complementary measures that prevent a victim of harassment from suffering such psychological deterioration after the complaint that ends in forced removal".


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