Defense dismisses the captain who led his battalion to receive a blessing in the Valley of the Fallen

Defense dismisses the captain who led his battalion to receive a blessing in the Valley of the Fallen

The Ministry of Defense has dismissed the chief captain of the company that led a military unit to receive a blessing in the Valley of the Fallen. The department headed by Margarita Robles has opened "a disciplinary file that will be resolved in 48 hours", although official sources from the Ministry confirm that "the dismissal has already taken effect".

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The Armed Forces have made this decision after it was revealed that a military unit from the Army had approached Cuelgamuros to be blessed by a priest before the cross in the Valley of the Fallen. In the images released by the Ciudadanos de Uniforme collective, several dozen soldiers are observed kneeling before a priest while he blesses not only the members of the military detachment, but also the unit's pennant. When this information became known, Defense assured that this activity was not authorized, finally the Ministry has chosen to dismiss the military command, how did you advance The country and has confirmed

“May the Lord bless as always those who serve the country under this pennant. May the Lord take care with his providence of the members of this unit and all the components of the Wad Ras battalion and of our Armed Forces. May the Lord look kindly on Spain and grant it peace with all the peoples of the world”, the priest explains before the military battalion, as seen in the video that has been released.

EH Bildu deputy Jon Iñarritu has announced on his Twitter account that he is going to ask Minister Margarita Robles for this blessing. ERC has registered this Wednesday a battery of questions on this matter in Congress. The Republican deputy Gerard Álvarez, who signs the initiative, asks the Executive "what actions the Government is going to carry out to avoid practices by the public security forces in spaces of a fascist nature", and also if "despite this episode, denying that there is a link between the Spanish armed forces and fascism”, informs Inigo Aduriz. For his part, from the Government, the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Enrique Santiago, has assured that the facts revealed are "an unacceptable Francoist exaltation in democracy".

For the Ciudadanos de Uniforme collective, which has revealed the images of the blessing, this action has taken place because “nobody tells the captains that the companies are not theirs, but rather the Armed Forces, which represent all Spaniards, not to any religion or ideology.

According to information released by this group, the events involved the captain of the MAPO company of BIP "Wad Ras" II/31, who was "making a march through the Valle de los Caídos area with the aim of the pennant of said company was blessed in the Basilica”. In order to carry out these maneuvers, the already dismissed soldier had "annulled all the permits that people had or denied the granting of those who wished to request it", despite the fact that "a company commander does not have the power to grant or deny permissions. After learning of the dismissal of the command, Colectivos de Uniforme has published a message in which it celebrates the decision: "Congratulations to the Democrats."

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