Decree on urgent housing measures

Decree on urgent housing measures

They say that politics makes strange travel companions. And today he has formed one of the most unlikely couples that can be given right now in Spanish politics, which make up the PP and Podemos. Both parties, together with Ciudadanos and ERC, have voted against in the Congress of the convalidación of the decree-law on urgent measures for the housing. The norm presented by the Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, has beenthrown with 103 votes in favor, 241 against and one abstention, with what has declined.

During the debate to fix his position on the vote, Podemos has justified his rejection of the decree in October signed a budget agreement with the Government that included measures on housing that have not been embodied in this law. As assured by the deputy Lucía Martín, the rule that has led Abalos to the House "has dropped measures that we managed to get the agreement even if reluctantly" despite the fact that PSOE and Podemos had signed "a powerful agreement that guaranteed the rights from the people". "They have only maintained the extension of contracts, where is the rest?" Martin asked. The main complaint of the purple formation is that the decree does not contemplate that the municipalities are allowed to limit by law the increase of the rents in those zones of stressed prices, measure that gathered the pact signed by Pedro Sánchez Y Pablo Iglesias.

Since Fomento had argued in recent days that the agreement gives the full year 2019 to advance the legislation that includes measures such as this. But it seems to Podemos that this is an urgent measure that must be undertaken now and that the Government has preferred to bend to the pressures of the funds instead of including it.

For the PP, the decree "does not solve the urgent problems of social housing because the measures affect the free market," as explained by its deputy Ana Zurita. "The fundamental problem is the lack of supply and legal security, and that, the decree does not solve it," said the popular deputy.

When the decree-law decays, the Government had the possibility of presenting a new one in the Chamber to submit it for consideration again. We can, in fact, have offered to work with Development to take it forward because, according to Martin, the "no" today does not try to humiliate the Socialists. It is, he said, "an act of vindication of the agreement signed" by Sánchez and Iglesias. However, despite the fact that mid-morning, when it was already clear that the government was going to lose the vote, Adriana Lastra, a socialist spokesperson in Congress, assured that a new text would be presented within a period of fifteen days, Fomento clarified afterwards. that will not. Sources of the department directed by José Luis Ábalos believe that it constitutes a waste of time because it could not include the main claim of Podemos, the limitation of the price of rents. This measure, they explain, requires official statistics that are not yet available. And in case that could include such measure in the new decree, from Fomento point out that, in this case, lose the support of PNV and PdeCAT, basic to approve the measure. From Fomento regret the missed opportunity and warn that the decree of the decree is to return to the liberalizing reform of 2013.


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