Decision made with Pustovyi: Granca will cut him to save his second year of contract

Artem Pustovyi looks at the hoop in a game from last season. / c7

The club will execute the cut clause that it included in its signing last year

Ignacio S. Acedo

Artem Pustovyi will not continue in the Gran Canaria discipline Yto the fact that the club has made (and executed) the decision to enforce the cut-off clause that appears in his contract to save his second year of involvement and that,
As this newspaper already anticipated in its edition of June 1contemplated amounts significantly higher than those of last year.

The Ukrainian international averaged 9.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 10.1 PIR credits in the average 18 minutes he played in 16 games in the EuroCup, while he posted 9.2 points -57.1% shooting from two-, 3.8 rebounds, 1.2 blocks and 10.1 valuation credits in 18 minutes on average in the regular phase of the Endesa League.

However, it has not lived up to what they consider in the entity and
that for a figure close to 60,000 euros he will be able to get rid of Pustovyi, whom they want in Murcia.

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