December 4, 2020

“Decide if you are in the constructive opposition or with the extreme right”

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has directly addressed the PP during his speech in defense of the extension of the state of alarm to ask him to “join forces with those of the Government” in the fight against the pandemic. “The minister has asked Pablo Casado to support the extension in the terms proposed by the Government after Genoa has confirmed that it will abstain. ”A majority has chosen collaboration, union and support compatible with criticism; the far right has chosen confrontation and division “It remains for the PP to decide whether it is in the constructive opposition or not, if it is a state party or is with the extreme right. They have to decide if they want to consolidate the new political position that they launched in this Chamber on Thursday,” he said in reference to vote against Vox’s motion of censure.

Sánchez offers to review the state of alarm in March and agrees to give explanations every two months in Congress

Sánchez offers to review the state of alarm in March and agrees to give explanations every two months in Congress

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“I hope they support the state of alarm, that they join forces with the Government. As they said last week, it is the moment for real, adult politics, for consensus ”, has settled Illa, who has asked Pablo Casado to put aside partisan positions and support this exceptional measure. Illa thanked the groups that have already announced their support for the extension of the state of alarm. Despite the fact that the duration of six months seemed to most groups an excessive period, the Executive has reached agreements so that Pedro Sánchez is accountable in Congress every two months. The Minister of Health will do it monthly.

However, the head of Health has reiterated the proposal that Pedro Sánchez raised during the control session to the Government to review the state of alarm in the month of March by the Interterritorial Health Council and lift it on the 9th of that month in the case that they deem appropriate due to the evolution of the pandemic. Illa has called it the “4-2-2 formula.”

In any case, the minister has warned of the seriousness of the situation: “This is not the time to relax measures.” “We still have a wide horizon ahead of us – he said -. A long winter is coming and different holidays are coming to which we will have to adapt,” said Illa, making it clear that at Christmas the situation is not normalized. PP has demanded that the state of alarm be extended for just eight weeks precisely to save the Christmas campaign, but the Government has remained firm in extending it for half a year to provide a stable legal framework with which to stop the outbreaks.

The minister has made it clear that the situation “is very serious”: “Most of the territory is still at a high or very high risk level.” In addition, he recalled that the arrival of winter and other seasonal diseases, such as influenza, added to the international “instability” of the pandemic, the situation worsens. “There are very hard weeks and months left,” he warned.

Despite the fact that the opposition has demanded the accountability of Sánchez, the president went to the plenary session this Thursday just to listen to Illa. First, Moncloa assured that he could not be the one to defend the extension of the state of alarm due to the “mandatory presence” at a meeting of European leaders, but that it takes place by videoconference at 6:30 p.m. The Executive said, later, that it was enough for the minister to appear and that it will be the regional presidents who will have to give explanations since they will be the ones to apply the measures. At the end of Illa’s intervention, Sánchez has left the hemicycle and Pablo Casado has risen to the platform by surprise to defend the position of the PP instead of the spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, as planned.

The head of the opposition has justified the decision to speak by the “allusions” made by Illa for “ten minutes”. Casado has accused the Executive of “lack of foresight, incompetence and deceit” for his management of the pandemic and for the request for the extension of the alarm. “They have been hiding scientific criteria for 8 months”, he has reproached the minister, for his allusions to science to justify the constitutional exceptionality. The leader of the PP, in addition, has charged against the “absent president” and has given as examples the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French President, Emmanuel Macron, who yesterday announced tougher restrictive measures than those adopted by Spain and the that the Spanish PP has been against.

“What they like is to govern by decree, without judicial control, because they govern very badly”, has reproached Casado, who has once again accused the Government of the number of deaths in Spain during the pandemic. The leader of the PP has announced a “critical abstention” of his party to the extension of the alarm “so as not to endorse the legal outrage” which in his opinion means expanding the exceptionality. For this reason, he explained that the popular will turn to the European institutions.


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