Deaths grow 25% during the month of March in the Canary Islands

Deaths have grown by 25% during the first days of March, in relation to the same period in February. Thus, with the four deaths that occurred yesterday due to the coronavirus, this month 34 deaths have been registered, while until February 12 there were 27. Of the deaths registered yesterday, one was a 77-year-old woman from Gran Canaria and two other men and a woman, aged 67, 75 and 93, were from Tenerife.

Gran Canaria, stable.

By Islands, ran Canaria accumulated 104 more cases than the previous day, which places it at 1,778 assets. This represents an increase of 14% compared to the previous week, so there has not been a significant variation compared to the previous one. Lanzarote, for its part, adds seven new cases and 97 epidemiologically active, maintaining its stable curve. Fuerteventura adds eight more cases than the previous day and 202 active, and maintains its epidemiological growth. La Palma adds nine new cases, of which five are derived from a possible outbreak in the Port of Tazacorte. The Health Administration, upon detecting an increase in cases in that town, has decided to carry out a population screening in that municipality, in order to detect possible asymptomatic cases. The Palma City Council has decided to suspend all scheduled municipal activities for an extendable period of one month. Neither El Hierro nor La Gomera accumulated new cases yesterday, remaining in seven and four assets, respectively.

Tenerife continues to grow.

Tenerife, for its part, today adds 122 cases and 2,092 epidemiologically active cases. This represents an increase in cases of 34% compared to the previous week – 650 cases per week compared to 485 the previous week – and indicates that the island is entering its own third wave of Covid-19, after having escaped the one that happened after Christmas in the rest of the Archipelago. It also does so with a very high healthcare pressure of 205 admitted, a number that after increasing considerably in the first week of March, has been stabilizing in recent days. However, the increase in detected cases could lead to an increase in healthcare pressure for the next 15 days.


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