July 12, 2020

Deaths from COVID-19 in Honduras increase to 485 and 18,818 infections

Deaths from COVID-19 in Honduras amounted to 485, while cases of contagion to 18,818, the state-run National Risk Management System (Sinager) reported on Monday, which also indicated that there are surely more deaths, but they must be confirmed by PCR laboratory tests.

The Sinager report recorded six new deaths by COVID-19, with which they officially number 485, but according to local media reports, citing medical sources from hospitals in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, in the north and center of the country, between on Sunday and this Monday around 50 people would have died from the same disease.

Sinager spokesman Francis Contreras said that of 1,540 new PCR laboratory tests, 736 were positive, with the patients now totaling 18,818, while 804 were negative.

With more than 200 cases each, in the order, the departments of Cortés, north, and Francisco Morazán, center, where Tegucigalpa is located, were the ones that registered the most infections in the last tests carried out, added Contreras.

The official said he is concerned that other departments, with a smaller population, are registering many cases, such as Atlántida, in the Caribbean, which added 154, Santa Bárbara, west, 50, and Choluteca, in the south, 35.

Patients who have recovered from the deadly disease today totaled 1,961 with 86 new cases, according to the Sinager report, which also records a COVID-19 case fatality rate of 2.58 percent.

In addition, 1,203 people are hospitalized, of which 758 have a stable condition, 399 are serious and 56 are in intensive care units.


With so many cases of sick and daily deaths, the situation in Honduras due to the COVID-19 pandemic is increasingly dramatic.

Several doctors told journalists today that the country is entering “phase six”, which consists of the “collapse” of hospitals, for which they blame in part many people who have not kept the sanitary measures that have been recommended by the health authorities, since March, when the pandemic started.

Among the deaths recorded by COVID-19 in the country are several doctors, nurses and other health personnel, as well as firefighters, police and the military, involved in the fight against COVID-19.

The Vice Minister of Health, Roberto Cosenza, told journalists that the situation is “worrying”, because the hospitals are “full to capacity,” although efforts are still being made to open new spaces to care for both patients.

Cosenza reiterated the appeal to the population not to leave their home if it is not for an emergency, and to continue to maintain all health security measures.

The Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernández, who is going to the Military Hospital in Tegucigalpa for the second week, for having contracted COVID-19, said that “the sectors gathered at the multi-sectoral table agree on the need to strengthen the measures that be effective and produce results in this uncertain situation. “

“I share the concern of epidemiologists and health experts about the growth of the wave of infections and the pressure that this causes in hospitals. This is everyone’s task; everything depends on our discipline and unity. Together we will get ahead!” emphasized the ruler on social networks.


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