June 20, 2021

Deaths are reduced by 63% in five months of vaccination

This situation occurs after almost five months of vaccination – the first vaccine was inoculated on December 27 – and after having protected most of the vulnerable population from the lethal consequences of Covid-19. Specifically, of people over 65 – that is, at risk for their age – there are only 87,717 people waiting for the second dose. Regarding those under 60 years of age at risk of severe Covid-19, 34.8% remain to be vaccinated with at least one dose and 57.33% to protect with both doses. Yesterday no new deaths were reported in the Archipelago.

Meanwhile, the epidemic curve in the Canary Islands has also started to recede, reducing yesterday by 9.8% compared to the previous week. Yesterday 96 new cases were added, which represents 842 per week throughout the Archipelago. The majority of cases are occurring in Tenerife, although this island has once again resumed the decline in its epidemic curve. In the day yesterday added 49 new cases, which represents a reduction of 7% compared to the previous week. Regarding Gran Canaria, it added 29 cases, which represents a stabilization of its epidemic curve that remains at about 240 per week. Lanzarote reported 14 new cases, which places it in the third place with the highest incidence. However, having controlled the outbreak in a gym in Arrecife, infections have also stabilized. Fuerteventura added 3 new cases and maintains its baseline status of between 15 and 30 weekly cases. La Palma added a new one, which is a slight increase compared to last week, while El Hierro and La Gomera did not add a new case. The latter has been free of Covid-19 for three days and El Hierro is also close to being so. The advance in vaccination and the decrease in cases is also being reflected in hospitals that continue to empty out of Covid-19 patients. As of yesterday, 274 remained hospitalized, of which 47 remain in the ICU. Tenerife is the island with the highest healthcare pressure with 178 patients.


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