Death toll rises to 380 in Portugal, which begins to stabilize its curve

The number of deaths from Covid-19 in Portugal amounts to 380 people and the number of infected reaches 13,141, according to the latest official balance of the authorities, who are beginning to see a stabilization of the infected curve but insist on calling for caution.

"What we know today is that in recent days there has been stability in the real curve and in the projected curve," said the director of the Portuguese General Directorate of Health (DGS), Graça Freitas, who spoke at a press conference. has presented the latest data.

Freitas warned that this trend "is not a guaranteed data" and warned that relaxing some measures applied during the state of emergency in Portugal may bring an uptick in the coronavirus, so he called for "caution".

The Secretary of State for Health, António Lacerda Sales, agreed with her, stressing that "the Portuguese curve may have oscillations", but the authorities' response "must be firm and without hesitation."

The balance presented today reveals that in the last 24 hours 35 people have died and 699 new infections have been registered, representing an increase of 5.6% compared to yesterday Tuesday.

The data, lower than that obtained this Tuesday, when infections rose 6.1%, has invited optimism about the stabilization of the curve that the authorities have insisted on calming down today.

At the moment, 1,211 people remain hospitalized for coronaviruses in Portugal, of which 245 are in intensive care.

One of the main concerns is the means available to the toilets, which have a "chronic lack of respirators" trying to combat themselves, said João Gouveia, president of the accompaniment commission in response to the pandemic, at the same press conference. .

According to the authorities, the daily capacity to carry out tests has also increased, and 11,000 can be carried out every day.

Despite the increase in material, the DGS insists on prudence, especially now that measures to maintain the moderate curve during Easter are about to tighten.

Starting tomorrow and until next Monday, all trips outside the municipality of habitual residence that do not have a work justification in Portugal will be prohibited.

During these days, in addition, all national airports will be closed to passenger traffic.

All in order to limit the impact of the dreaded peak, which the DGS initially expected in mid-April, but now calculates that it will not arrive until May.


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