Death and victory of 'Vis a vis' | TV

Death and victory of 'Vis a vis' | TV

Vis a vis has achieved something very difficult for a series: have a dignified death. When Antena 3 decided to end the series after his second season, there was the feeling that history could give more of itself and that those characters still had more to tell. That's why the Yellow Tide (name with which the noisy fans of the series are known, very active in social networks in a phenomenon close to the one that generated The Ministry of Time little before with their ministéricos) was so happy with the news that Fox revived the series. Two seasons later, his final goodbye has arrived. And now it was time to put an end to it.

The switch to pay television brought new airs to the series, with shorter chapters and raising intensity and tension. So much so that in the third season the writers went a little hand with the levels of rawness and violence. The tension was triggered and the atmosphere was almost unbreathable. But his staunch followers remained there, because for them it was this resurrection. The fourth installment, that from the beginning was presented to the media with airs of farewell, has returned to focus on the characters to give more space to their personal dramas. Sole, Saray, Tere, even Zulema have shown other facets that have helped to loosen the rope that threatened to drown the dams of Cruz del Norte and its spectators.

Vis a vis was one of the titles that showed that other series, with another theme, characters, narrative ambition and formal bet, are possible in open television. Also that there may be life beyond the channel in which it is born. That you can risk, in every way, and win.

Death and victory of 'Vis a vis'

The end has arrived on time and without having stretched too much chewing gum. And he does (eye, spoilers) without giving any option to continue with the history of the Cruz del Norte dams. The episode moves, like the rest of the season (and the series) between the dramatic and the excessive. An epilogue shows where each of the protagonists is twelve years later, and thus Vis a vis He closes his story by giving viewers what they wanted. Nothing would have happened to leave the future of the characters in the air, but in this case the series has opted to close each one and satisfy the Yellow Tide that, precisely, gave title to the last episode.

Vis a vis He has gone enjoying the final walk of the hand of his followers. A goodbye that tastes like triumph. A withdrawal in time. Good for them.


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