Deaf (CCOO) argues that wage increases have helped create employment

The secretary general of CCOO, Unai Sordo, has pointed out that the increase in wages in 2019 “not only has not destroyed employment” but has contributed to create it even in a year of moderate inflation.

“It is shown that job creation in Spain is compatible and a result of an improvement in wages,” Sordo has defended in statements to the media after learning about the data from the Active Population Survey (EPA) at the end of 2019.

Last year it ended with 402,300 more employees, the lowest annual figure since the start of the recovery in 2014, after adding 92,600 employed in the last quarter, the best evolution for this period since 2006.

The CCOO leader has also recognized that the quality of employment created is “very bad, manifestly improvable” and has urged to have general budgets that prevent a slowdown in job creation in 2020.


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