August 3, 2021

Dead on the road: cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists

Dead on the road: cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists

Almost 50% of people who died on Spanish roads in the last year are cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists, according to the study 'Silent death. Traffic accidents in vulnerable users: pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists (2007-2016) ', carried out by the Línea Directa Foundation in collaboration with the Zaragoza Center and presented on Monday.

The most vulnerable road users account for almost half of those killed in traffic accidents, with 47% of the total in the last year, which means 853 deaths. The data show that 4,253 pedestrians, 4,900 motorcyclists and 668 cyclists have lost their lives on Spanish roads in the last decade. The total of the decade amounts to almost 10,000 deaths.

The group of 'vulnerable users' is composed of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, children, seniors and people with disabilities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), are all those who in case of accident "lack a protective shield", so the foundation focused on the first three groups to perform their analysis.

In the last decade there have been almost half a million accidents of vulnerable users, with an increase of 15.4% since 2007. Of these accident victims, two out of every three were motorcyclists, with 64%, compared to 25% of pedestrians and 11% of cyclists. One of the main reasons for these figures is that motorists have a greater presence on interurban roads and move faster than cyclists and pedestrians.


According to the director general of the Línea Directa Foundation, Francisco Valencia, pedestrians have a probability of death in the case of an accident that multiplies by two the number of motorcyclists and almost three that of cyclists. "A run over at 60 km / h is fatal ", he pointed

With regard to lesividad, it has increased by 12.6% since 2006, reaching a total of half a million injured. The figure increases to 36% in the last four years. In addition, injured motorists suffer most of their injuries throughout the body and lower extremities, being the place of less head injury, a fact that experts explain by the mandatory use of the helmet.

Pedestrians, however, suffer 71% of the head injuries, followed by the lower extremities and upper extremities. Cyclists suffer 80% of the impact on the head, 67% on the thorax and 85% on the lower extremities.

According to the study, in Spain there are 773 accidents per 100,000 inhabitants. By Autonomous Communities, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Madrid have the highest rates due, among other factors, to the greater penetration of the urban motorist park and the greater number of pedestrians. Navarra and Castilla-La Mancha register the lowest figures of vulnerable victims.

The report is analyzed 914,000 accidents occurred between 2007 and 2016 of the base 'Arena' of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT). Of these, almost 500,000 accidents were studied with pedestrians, cyclists and motorists involved.


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