De Quinto (Cs) calls Iglesias a "clown" and he responds with a photo of Joker

The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has responded this Monday on social networks to the deputy of Citizens Marcos de Quinto, who called him "clown", with an image of Joker and these words: "To much honor".

"There are few professions more beautiful and worthy than that of a clown. If defending the Minimum Vital Income and social justice in Europe gives me the honor of being one, I can only say: Clown with great honor, Señor de Quinto", Iglesias wrote in Twitter

He did so after last night the Cs deputy wrote on the same social network that, in one of the "most serious crises in its history", Spain could not afford "to be at the expense of this vice-president clown."

"Either a pact is made between serious parties, or this is going to collapse," De Quinto claimed in a message in which he also quoted Juan Carlos Girauta, former Citizen speaker in Congress, who announced his departure from the party after the decision. of Inés Arrimadas to vote in favor of the extension of the state of alarm proposed by the Coalition Government.

Girauta denounced on Twitter that due to "the demand of Podemos" the Executive was going to "distribute a mortuary of billions, worsening a European rescue that will require doing without Podemos". "Sanchez, save yourself the middle and throw them out now. The rescue is safe. We can only make it difficult, more expensive and delay," said Girauta.


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