De Lara will continue working with “normality” in Lugo until mid-January

The lawyer who deals with the defense of Judge Pilar de Lara in the process for which she has been sanctioned with seven months and one day of suspension of duties, the lawyer Agustín Azparren, said that the magistrate will continue to work with “normalcy” to the front of the Court of Instruction Number 1 of Lugo at least until “mid-January”.

Speaking to EFE, he explained that the judge is waiting for the Supreme Court to rule in relation to the precautionary suspension of the sanction requested by his defense, given that it is a suspension of seven months and one day for “a very serious lack of neglect in the exercise of judicial powers ”, its execution would imply the loss of destiny.

Azparren acknowledged that "statistically" the data "is devastating", because "only once" the Supreme Court agreed to suspend in a precautionary manner the execution of a disciplinary sanction imposed by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), but still it maintains the hope of a resolution favorable to the interests of the magistrate, for the particularities of her case.

In any case, and "getting the worst", the judge will remain in charge of the Court until "mid-January", so that she will have time to develop her work "within the planned calculations", given that she promised to Close open macrocauses before the sanction is executed.

“At the moment nothing is known. Normally a month or so elapses from the request for "the suspension of the sanction until there is a resolution by the Supreme Court, but" with parties in the middle, "said the lawyer, an answer is not expected" before the middle of January".


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