June 15, 2021

De-escalation in the Canary Islands: Intersindical warns of the lack of resources in Primary Care for de-escalation – La Provincia

Intersindical Canaria has warned this Monday of the lack of personnel and material resources that exists in the health services of Primary care of Canary Islands, which have considered insufficient to face the de-escalation process of the lockdown decreed by the pandemic of coronavirus, which began on May 11 in the Islands.

As indicated by the union in a statement, the healthcare burden that hospital centers have supported so far will be transferred to the Primary Care health services, whose centers will have to assume, based on the parameters of the Ministry of Health for de-escalation, the sample collection for PCR of patients, their traceability and control of contacts, as well as follow-up of active cases of Covid-19.

“At this time, Primary Care does not have the capacity to assume this workload, also taking into account that it was one of the services that most cuts suffered due to the 2008 crisis without having yet injected economic resources to reverse them, “explained the spokesman for the National Secretariat of Health of Intersindical Canaria, Abel Ramos Negrín.

Intersindical has warned that the Family Care Units (UAF), which are in charge of monitoring positive cases of the disease, do not have the necessary ordinary staff or specialized professionals that would be required for it. And he gave Tenerife as an example, where “more than 11% of these units” are in this situation.

In addition, from Intersindical Canaria have indicated that it is necessary to enable in each Primary Care center a Covid-19 triage zoneas well as create sampling points, isolated or in parent centers, to guarantee the safety of both the staff of the Primary Care centers and the users during the different phases of the de-escalation.

The union has sent the President of the Canary Islands Government, Angel Victor Torres, and the Minister of Health, Julio Pérez, these proposals through a document “in which the deficiencies of the Primary Care health services were described.”

Regarding material resources, Intersindical Canaria has explained that Primary Care does not have the personal protective equipment (PPE) and enough spaces to face the de-escalation. Furthermore, “the triage zones of each center would involve specific training regarding the virus as well as the correct use of PPE “, Ramos Negrín has pointed out.


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