August 5, 2021

De-escalation in the Canary Islands: Analysis of de-escalation in Off-Plan – La Provincia

The advance in thelack of confidenceIt is a social and economic relief, but it also carries dangers and a real risk of the disease reappearing.coronavirus. Faced with this reality,Out of planeaddresses this Thursday inCanary Televisionfrom 10:15 pm, the main aspects in which the Canary Islands must be “on guard” to face possible new infections.

The program includes the necessaryprecautions the islands should takesuch as the increase in hospital beds and health personnel, the guarantee of the supply of protective equipment, the application of protocols in nursing homes or an effective virus scan.

In addition, theactivities allowed in phase 2, a new step in the de-escalation and in which, predictably, the Canary Islands will enter next Monday. Set specialists and national experts in direct connection will assess the entry into this phase as well as the obligation to use masks recently decreed by the Government of Spain.

The program will also addresslegal doubts raised by the new preventive measuresthat are being applied in the fight against the coronavirus, such as temperature taking, control at the entrance to work, or the requirement of some employers to request immunity certificates to apply for a job.

Theanalysis of the labor market after the pandemic, the demand of the Canary Islands to extend the tourist ERTE beyond the end of the state of alarm and the flood of companies preparing to enter bankruptcy are some of the economic issues that will complete the program.


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