August 3, 2020

Davos goes from white to green

Davos (Switzerland), Jan 24 (EFECOM) .- The Davos Economic Forum has changed color and in its fiftieth edition it is no longer defined by the white of the great snowfall of other editions, but by the green of the ecological alert and environmental that has stained food, drink, carpets and debates.

Something has had to do Greta Thunberg, the girl who never smiles and who travels the world with her message about the emergency situation that the planet is experiencing due to carbon emissions or excess plastics and who has visited the Davos Forum this week .

The organizers of the event had anticipated the arrival of Greta and among other measures, all the “shuttles”, the cars that run through Davos and for free transfer to the approximately 3,000 attendees from one venue to another, are electric.

As in Davos there are hardly any recharging points, when the batteries run out the service slows down and traditional vehicles are responsible for bringing the spare parts.

In addition, the Forum has eliminated the bottles of mineral water – the soft drinks are made of glass – and have been replaced by recyclable cardboard cups that can be filled in water dispensers from the tap that comes from the Alpine springs.

The only problem is that the very efficient cleaning service does not give you the option to use them twice; They are recycled, but not reused.

The painting of the panels that cover the walls – all of which will be recycled when the Forum ends – is made of seaweed, and the carpet has been made with fishing nets.

The most striking thing is the food that the organization offers, also for free, to the journalists who cover the event, and that 90% is prepared by Future Food Wednesday, a company that only cooks with vegetables.

Thus, ham or sausage sandwiches, and sausages, are made with soy, tofu and other products with high protein value but no animal fat.

The Davos 2020 agenda has also been dyed green, and the sessions on the green agenda of the European Union and its Green Pact (“Green Deal”), the decarbonization of the economy, the reduction of emissions or plastic have multiplied that floats in the oceans.

All the presidents and CEOs of the big companies that have been through Davos this week have been busy reiterating their commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change.

And the Forum has given an unusual prominence to ten teenage activists from around the world, seven girls and three boys, who in their respective countries of origin have managed to launch various initiatives, mostly related to the climate.

Prince Charles himself, heir to the British throne, went to Davos in an electric car, to call attention to the need to act against the weather emergency.

The only one who has not felt compelled to show his commitment to the environment has been US President Donald Trump, who starred in a tough crossing of reproaches with Greta.

While Trump boasted of his denial stance on global warming, he presumed that the United States has “the cleanest air of the past 40 years” and lashed out at “prophets of doom,” Thunberg hardened his message and criticized political leaders. and economic for its “inaction”.

To finish off Trump’s message, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recommended Greta “study economics” and return when he is done.


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