August 12, 2020

Davis cup. Who will rise with the silver salad bowl? – The province

In order to celebrate the arrival of the final phase of the David Cup, Albert Costa, former player, former captain and now manager of this competition in statements to Betway sports bookmaker He has argued that there is a lot of public support on the circuit and that helps to create a tennis atmosphere that makes this trophy one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Albert has created us a super tennis player for the competition, mixing physical and psychological features of great stars of this sport.

Despite the importance of this tournament, many players resigned to go with their selection. Albert Costa is satisfied with the change in the format of the tournament led by the Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué. The Spanish tennis player says that many of the Davis Cup qualifiers no longer had the presence of top players because "the tournament was not going through its best moment." The tight schedule and the trips that the qualifiers required prevented tennis players from attending. This new Cup format simplifies the tournament to one or two weeks depending on how the team qualifies.

The new system resembles the phases of the World Cups. The final will have a venue and each year different teams will play qualifying at home in their respective countries. Albert believes it is a great opportunity to travel and get to know a city for a week and also enjoy the best tennis. This year the final phase will be held in Madrid. In addition, with the new competition system, players adapt better to the surface. If played in clay season, the surface will be the same to prevent players from having to adapt. Albert believes that it can help reduce the risk of injury and increase the presence of great tennis players.

Tennis is a very individual sport. Albert Costa says that overcoming the difficult moments of a match without outside help is very hard. The Davis Cup allows players greater support. Behind the 5 players chosen by each country, there is a team helping players to perform at their best during the days of competition. Support among group members is very important to maintain motivation. Positive messages are transmitted to each other and before going out to play they gather to sing a hymn. But there is also a negative part. It is not the same to play for oneself as representing a country. Albert says that to alleviate that pressure the figure of the captain is very important. He is in charge of leading the team and his role is to get everyone involved during the tournament.
Albert keeps a great memory in this tournament. He had the opportunity to be part of the team that won the first salad bowl for Spain and remembers that final in Barcelona as something unforgettable. The Spanish team defeated Australia with the global score 3-1.

The Spanish tennis player recognizes that Davis Cup lives differently as tournament director. For a player it lasts a few weeks, but once you are part of the direction of any tournament, you realize the work behind for those days of competition. It is an opportunity to fulfill its great objective: to continue enjoying tennis.

18 countries divided into six groups will play the Davis Cup final in Madrid. Among all the players who will fight with their selections to raise the long-awaited salad bowl there are many located in the World Top 10. Albert Costa is optimistic with the Spanish team, due to the high level of the workforce. The elected of the Spanish team for the final phase of 2019, Rafa Nadal, Roberto Bautista, Pablo Carreño, Marcel Granollers and Feliciano López will make Spain have serious options to win the tournament and win the sixth salad bowl.


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