May 30, 2020

David Trueba: "The novel and fiction are the most necessary thing" – The Province

David Trueba publishes'The river falls dirty'(Siruela), an initiation novel in which, through teenagers who look to the future and adults who are reflected in them, addresses frustration, the complexity of existence and the search for ideals.

"If a society is waiting for a savior to arrive, it is a society that will fall seduced by fascism ", the writer and filmmaker affirmed this Wednesday during the presentation before the press of this novel, in reference to the reflection made by one of his characters, which states that "superheroes are fascists."

After closing a cycle two years ago with 'Farmland', Trueba has affirmed that the autobiographical aspects are diluted in this novel and that "being a father "has helped him narrate these relationships between teenagers and adults, although he has recognized that "the most autobiographical" of his stories is his struggle to combat his own "prejudices."

In this sense, Trueba understands that the "obligation of the writer" is to lead the reader to be "more compassionate with his gaze" because people are "careful with their own feelings but not with those of others", which is why, "contrary to what they say", "the novel and fiction are the most necessary thing".

The author has recognized that in his youth he was wrong and that he even manufactured "ideals", but he reconciled the fact of having achieved his dreams as a teenager. "The pleasure of reading and telling things were fused. One of the most pleasant things is to live on your youthful vocation," he said.

Ecologism: looking for nature in the technological world

One of the aspects that Trueba talks about in 'The river goes down dirty' is the "rediscovery of nature"by young people in a" too technological "world, in which games have no relation to it and in which" lbike and river summers are far from what they have today ".

"They talk about ecology when they want to talk about nature, they want meet her again, with his cycle, because there are the answers and the rest is existential anguish, "said the writer, who also refers to the "inconsequential young people", who are "clueless between their way of life and what their grandparents claim."

"One cannot live with his back to the society of consumption, because it is our river, and our river goes down dirty. Ideally, we can find a way that in the dirty river of life we ​​can continue to feel clean," said the writer, who claims the "link" with the origin to "rest" and look to the future.

Another issue addressed in these pages is that "society doesn't know how to handle frustration"of the people." He has thrown in the towel, the road to the death penalty is brutal, "he said in reference to one of the characters in this book who, like the scorpion, tends to self-harm when surrounded by the fire.

On the symbolic aspect of the title of his new novel, Trueba has also alluded to the justification of sexual behavior in "other times" today. "That is for me the river goes down dirty: although at that time it was usual, let's not think that there were no people who did not behave like this," he said.

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