February 28, 2021

David Trueba shoots ‘La sagrada familia’, a documentary series about the Pujols

An image of David Trueba.

An image of David Trueba.
Eduardo Ripoll

David trueba directs for the discovery + channel ‘The Holy Family’, a documentary series about Pujol family Ferrusola that incorporates interviews with close collaborators of the clan -which are already being shot in Barcelona-, and which will be the first original production of the platform in Spain.

Produced by Lavinia Audiovisual for Discovery, ‘La sagrada familia’ will consist of four episodes It will last an hour and can be seen exclusively this spring at the launch of the company’s global streaming channel, discovery +, in Spain.

David Trueba leads the team that carries out this shoot that, “as in the best novels”, has said the writer, journalist and director Spanish, is a story “peppered with anecdotes, incidents, memorable episodes.”

“Few human materials can be richer to portray a time and a country. Our idea is to give the material an epic treatment, where eagerness and ambition also determine the final destiny of the characters “, Trueba explained in a note sent to Efe.

The series will be “faithful” to the real events, “but acting with the conviction that we are facing an iconic character, larger than life,” added the director, who is already in Barcelona selecting and filming the interviews that cover the documentary.

The Serie will address the vicissitudes of the clan headed by Jordi Pujol and Marta Ferrusola, a family that was a benchmark for Catalan society for decades and is currently accused of acting as a criminal organization.

The interest of the protagonists lies in the fact that, for decades, Jordi Pujol was seen by a very important part of Catalan society as a not only political, but also civic and moral reference. But Pujol, his wife, Marta Ferrusola, and their seven children have been at the center of different corruption scandals for years.

They are accused of committing tax fraud, money laundering and evasion and, ultimately, of systematically acting as a mafia clan.

The series features the participation of numerous personalities from the world of politics, journalism and the judiciary, as well as with collaborators and people close to Jordi Pujol and his family.

Antonio Ruiz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Discovery Spain, added in this regard that the project is part of an “ambitious” strategy of the company: “bet on production and national talent, through stories about real life that are relevant to all of us. ”

“This firm commitment to national production added to the great offer of international original content, the unsurpassed non-fiction catalog of Discovery and the agreements with partners such as the BBC, they aim to turn discovery + into the absolute reference for lovers of content about real life, “said the head of the platform in Spain.

Discovery +, which is already available in countries such as the United States, India, the United Kingdom or Italy, among others, is the Discovery’s new streaming service whose peculiarity is that its contents are non-fiction that go from adventure, to the paranormal, through science, nature and engineering documentaries.


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