April 14, 2021

David Ramírez and Caliche sign the goals of a round-trip duel

San Fernando and Gran Tarajal shared a point in Maspalomas after the tie between Tino Déniz’s team and Maxi Barrera’s team (1-1). In the first act, the San Bartolomé de Tirajana team created less danger, but was more effective in front of goal, which was demonstrated by Pedro’s goal.

In the second half, the Majorero team signed the equalizer through Caliche. In the last half hour, the Maspalomas team had more chances, but did not hit the mark in the final meters.

The Gran Tarajal began the clash by taking the rhythm of the match in attack. Very soon, those of Maxi Barrera warned the home team with a shot from Juanma from the front that went wide. The Majoreros came out with one more march than the San Fernando.

In the tenth game, Héctor Figueroa finished off a cross by Raúl that ended up on the crossbar. Tino Deniz’s painting was unable to get close to the majorera area. However, on his first approach to Agoney’s door he surprised with a one to zero. After a corner kick, Pedro, with a head, overtook the Gran Canaria. The Great Tarajal soon had the replica. In the 18th minute, again Héctor Figueroa, with a header, could put the tie.


With the score in favor, those of Maspalomas began to control possession and tried to pause the rhythm of the Majorero game. Despite this, Maxi Barrera’s team continued to generate danger with quick plays. The clearest was Castaño with a shot from the center of the field that crashed into the crossbar. In this way, rest time was reached with a victory by the minimum for San Fernando.

After the restart, Gran Tarajal started the same as in the first half. The Majoreros continued to exert suffocating pressure on the Maspalomas team’s exit of the ball. In the 47th minute, a great cross shot from Caliche served the Fuerteventura team to score the long-awaited tie.

With the course of the second half, the clash was equalized in terms of possession and arrivals to the area. In the 61st of the game, San Fernando had the opportunity to unbalance the contest with a header from Pedro that deflected the Majorera defense.

In the final stretch, the Gran Tarajal noticed the fatigue and retreated in defense. For its part, San Fernando increased the pace and sought the second goal. In minute 79, Choco sent a shot to the crossbar and in the extension time a cross shot from Eleder could be the final two to one, but David Figueroa, under the sticks, avoided the goal.

The point keeps the Sanfer leading with one more than San Mateo, while the Majoreos are fourth in the standings.


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