October 19, 2020

David Erguido, a PP senator close to Casado, resigns his seat after being cited as a defendant in the Púnica case

The PP senator David Erguido, one of the closest collaborators of the popular leader, Pablo Casado, has resigned his seat in the Senate after learning that on October 23 he will declare as being investigated – an old accusation – before the judge of the National Court that is investigating the macrocause of Punica, according to party sources informed the Europa Press agency.

Specifically, the judge of the National High Court that examines this case has summoned you as investigated within the framework of separate piece number 7 relating to contracts of different Madrid city councils with the company ‘Waiter Music’.

The summons comes after the Popular Party confirmed that David Erguido would go voluntarily to testify “despite not being obliged to do so” because he was certified before the Supreme Court.

“The senator is not going to put on the coat of arms. He does not want a derision for the party,” party sources had assured Europa Press, who had added that Erguido is “willing to clarify everything” before the National Court as soon as possible because “no has nothing to hide. ”

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