David Delfín, an "interdisciplinary" creator with exposed emotion

Almost three years after his death, David Delfín's designs are the protagonists of the exhibition of a creator who understood fashion as a "liberating" instrument, through which his "emotions" were exposed.

"Missing", "Inferno", "Katarsis", "Lies" are some of the names with which he titled his "biographical" collections, which said a lot about how he felt, and where his "fascination with extremes" is present, explains to Efe, this morning, the curator of the exhibition Raúl Marina, who remembers that this year Delfín would celebrate his 50th anniversary and his 20 years in fashion.

The Canal de Isabel II room in Madrid hosts an exhibition of more than 80 pieces between designs, documentation and photographs that are part of the firm's archive and some given by friends such as Alaska or Soledad Lorenz, discover a David Delfín (Ronda-Málaga , 1970-Madrid, 2017) that builds its universe from "emotion", pieces with which it seeks to feel "liberated".

Transgressive is perhaps the fastest adjective that comes to mind when you want to highlight the qualities of its design, but perhaps it was not what Dolphin always intended, which represented a new generation of creators, and of which Marina values ​​his "ability to leave the commercial field ".

National Fashion Design Award 2016, Delfín has left a wide legacy with his designs that reflected "the beauty of the dark", the duality between life and death.

The exhibition reflects his experiences, his inner world, the artistic references, not "aesthetic" but of "approach", of a creator who conceived fashion in an "interdisciplinary" way that worked from the "frustrations", adds the curator of the exhibition .

The door to that world in which the sensibility wanders through a circular route, begins with an image impossible to forget: that of the dresses rope with hoods on his face, his first collection in 2003 in the Madrid catwalk, so hard Criticism accumulated.

David Delfín was an artist, a being in continuous boiling, with a creativity without limits that led him to design clothes, to build "performances", to imagine another way of communicating and connecting from "simplicity and naturalness", points out, Nuria Miguel, director of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

Impeccable patterns, where the androgynous of his proposals continues to be completely current without the weather making a dent, and in which black and white are the pillars on which he builds a creative history in which they also intervene, intense green, cobalt blue, or bubblegum pink. "'Catharsis' is his most colorful collection, a way to celebrate love," explains Raúl Marina.

Juan Carlos Mesa, the creative soul of the firm "Maison Mesa", wanders among the garments until he sees a "wonderful", in reference to the exhibition, "he would have loved it", and recalled that David Delfín has been one of the creators "more groundbreaking. He brought many things to culture, not just fashion", before being a designer.

And so you can contemplate through videos, photographs and writings of his personal file, including a letter very dear to him, "a criticism of his designs", which was sent to him by a lady who affected his concept of seeing fashion in front of Balenciaga's proposals.

But David Delfín's universe cannot be understood without the intense friendship and collaboration of his muse, Bimba Bosé (Rome 1975- Madrid 2017), and the brothers Postigo, Gorka, Diego and Deborah.

"Bimba and David were two soulmates," warns the commissioner, while pointing out a photograph of the two in the background.

As we approach the last floor, in the background you can hear the voice of Bimba Bosé with "The Cabriolets", singing a very personal version of "As I love you", a perfect brooch for an indelible memory.

By Immaculate Tapia


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