July 26, 2021

David Bustamante returns to a set with Toñi Moreno

An archive image of singer David Bustamante.

An archive image of singer David Bustamante.

Away from the media spotlight for months, David bustamante go back to a set of television from the hand of Toñi Moreno and your program ‘A year of your life’. Looking back on his professional career, David recalled his time at the academy of Triumph operation in 2001, undoubtedly the most important year of his life: “Without a doubt my life changed, that’s where it all started. There I met all those people who are my family and I was a full, happy person, that’s where it all began”, Bustamante acknowledged.

Sharing program hours with Poty Castillo and his editing partner Natalia, viewers could not enjoy the reunion of David and Poty on set and, although both shared a great friendship for years, at this time their relationship is non-existent. During the program we were also able to see an excited Paula Echevarría sending a very special message for his great friend Poty and that is that they have managed to maintain their friendship over the years.

Happy for the personal moment he is living, David showed his sense of humor when talking about his time at the dance program in which he met his current partner, Yana olina: “Above that I won the contest, I stayed with the dancer, blessed glory. I am joining a bombing, I like to have fun, learn” he confessed. Aware of the comments that her weight gain has caused in recent years, the Cantabrian was resounding: “If they tell me I’m chubby, let them come and touch me. It is not the same to be 20 years old than 38 years old, it is increasingly difficult to stay, one goes up due to circumstances, due to stress … I have a mirror at home, you don’t have to remind me. “

After a life full of work and success, David recognizes that he has obtained the recognition of his land, San Vicente de la Barquera: “I believe that life, although I have worked a lot, has been very generous to me, apart from all the professional achievements, the greatest treasure is that they love you, apart from everything they say. “On the great patrimony that he has managed to gather in all these years, David confesses:” I am not a ‘look at’ uncle , I am a delight, for me I am not gastón but I like to give gifts, if a friend cannot … I invite them to the holidays to the same hotel as me, to my parents who do not lack anything, my greatest privilege is to be able to give things to my loved ones “.

Undoubtedly his daughter Daniella is the most important person in his life And the singer is happy to be able to give his daughter everything that he did not have in his childhood: “I do not spoil but I never allow excessive desire for something he deserves. I have not had it, money gives you peace of mind to that the people I love do not lack anything. It is very difficult to give me something on my birthday but the best gift will always be from me. ” During the program David received many surprises in video form and it is that his friend Shaila Dúrcal had some very nice words for him to which David responded excitedly: “Apart from a very great artist she is an angel, one of the most beautiful people that I have come across in the music industry”.

After a relationship with the press with many ups and downs, David confesses which are the questions that bother him the most from the reporters who have closely followed his divorce with Paula Echevarría: “It is normal that my life interests me, but if I say that I am not they like to talk about one thing because it hurts that they leave it there, that they don’t continue to insist day after day. ”


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