Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

David Broncano is fined with the bike and the networks are flooded with memes

Multan a David Broncano con la bici y las redes responden con memes

David Broncano he is more than accustomed to to make laugh to his followers in social networks. However, it is more likely that yesterday when he left home and picked up a bicycle to go to work, he never imagined that he would do it for a encounter with the police.

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After the presenter of 'The resistance' outside fined by circulating on the sidewalk with the headphones on, a Twitter user was entertained to make a Photo in the 'crime scene' to share the funny event in social networks and justify why I was late for the radio program 'Modern life', from where Ignatius Farray I recriminated the delay with a tweet.

Like everything in this social network, it only took Broncano himself share the publication so that thousands of people responded with memes of all kinds, including political motives.

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