David Bisbal is reunited with his family after passing the coronavirus

After the last days in which David Bisbal has had to isolate himself from his family due to a contagion by Covid-19, the singer has reunited with his wife Rosanna zanetti and her children with the best of their smiles, although without enough time to enjoy the little ones in the house due to professional commitments. “I have hardly felt anything serious precisely because I was vaccinated, but yes, it has been very hard to be a month and a week in the US, to return and not meet again with the family “explained the Almerian when he left home.

Fully recovered from the coronavirus, David assured that is perfectly after a few difficult days. “They have discharged me, what happens is that I barely had an hour to spend with the family. I have to commit to my work, but I’m happy, “said the singer. Always with the unconditional support of his wife, Rosanna Zanetti, who has become one of his great supporters these days, Bisbal left the house holding his wife’s hand, with which he quickly got into the car.


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