David Aganzo assures that the bribery accusations are “completely false” – La Provincia

The president of the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE), David Aganzobranded as “absolutely false” accusations of an alleged bribery crime to obtain information upon payment of 3,000 euros from the Futbolistas ON union, and announced that will defend his “honor” versus the one who questions it.

“The accusations are completely false. My work is exclusively aimed at defending the interests of soccer players. And I will defend our honor against anyone who questions it. “ indicated the head of AFE in his account Twitter alluding to information published this Tuesday by the newspaper ‘Marca’.

David Aganzo and its secretary general, Diego Rivas, they had unlawfully obtained tax documentation from ON footballers upon payment of 3,000 euros to an official, as reported by the Director of Second B and Third AFE Antonio Saiz Czech.

In a letter sent to the members of the Board of Directors of AFE and its president, Saiz Checa, blamed himself for the alleged crime and accuses David Aganzo of allegedly obtaining funds to illegally obtain tax documentation from ON Soccer players.

Specific, indicated that 3,000 euros were paid to a public official, “amount contributed by some members of the Board of Directors and workers of AFE” to obtain the Form 037 and TF2 of the Tax Agency with which Aganzo allegedly wanted to demonstrate that the other players union, Footballers ON, was a ‘yellow union’ .


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