March 7, 2021

Daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Ramón Romeo says that they did not want compensation but extradition from the Etarra Natividad Jáuregui

The group of victims of terrorism, Covite, has explained, in a statement, that it has contact with Montse Romeo since Belgium denied the extradition of Jáuregui.

In that same note, the daughter of the murdered lieutenant colonel emphasizes that the ruling of the ECHR "is positive in that the Belgian judicial rulings that gave the reason to Natividad Jáuregui were handed down in a judicial proceeding in which the principle of effective and official investigation ".

As has been pointed out, the Belgian judicial decisions "consisted in the fact that the Etarra Natividad Jáuregui could not be extradited to Spain because she was going to be tortured". The ECHR recognizes in its ruling that these judicial decisions "were issued without due and effective official investigation," he says.

Therefore, the daughter of Ramón Romeo Rotaeche now requests protection from the Spanish authorities so that they "adopt the necessary measures" to obtain from the Belgian Government "compliance with the OED that still weighs today against the assassin of her father, such as issuing new the OED ".

If Belgium "refuses to extradite Natividad Jáuregui", it demands that the Spanish government sue the Belgian for the breach of the OED before the Court of Luxembourg, which "is the one really competent to decide the possible conflicts between EU states. derived from the execution of the OEDs, since the ECHR is not competent in this matter ".

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