Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Daughter of a deceased in fire says everyone knew that light was punctured

Daughter of a deceased in fire says everyone knew that light was punctured

Isabel Merino, daughter of the 86-year-old woman who was one of the three people killed in the fire in Badalona (Barcelona) on the 5th, said that everyone knew that the light was illegally thrown in the building of the Sant Roc, but nobody did anything.

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In a letter to the editor that today publishes El Periódico de Catalunya, the daughter of the victim denounces "the total helplessness in which we have found ourselves from the moment of the fire until finally on Tuesday afternoon we were able to bury him".

"At no time," the daughter of the victim complains, "during these four days, no one, on behalf of the authorities, has contacted the family at all, nor to give their condolences, nor to give us any kind of information. nor of course to facilitate the numerous procedures that we have had to carry out ".

The fire was declared on the morning of last day 5 in a floor on the first floor of the building, ten heights, as a result, according to the police investigation, of an overload of the network motivated because the electrical panel of the floor had been manipulated to illegally take the flow.

Three people died in the fire and another 29 were injured, five of them seriously, and on Saturday the six people - four men and two women of Romanian origin - who lived irregularly on the floor where the electrical panel causing the damage were handled, were arrested. of the fire.


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