August 5, 2020

Data Protection Day: three tips to fight against telephone fraud – La Provincia

Telephone calls are a very useful tool to get help, hire services or receive information, but they are alsoused by criminals to obtain personal dataof consumers.

On the occasion ofEuropean Data Protection Day, which is held on Tuesday, January 28, the company specialized in communications services for companies masvoz has published three tips to fight againsttelephone fraud.

In order for user data to be protected and to prevent such situations, the company recommends that calls with a suspicious numbering be avoided.

Specifically, ‘Masvoz’ urges users todistrust calls with international prefixes you don’t know, since some criminals make short calls from this type of prefixes so that the user does not have time to answer and return it, something that involves costs.

It is also recommended that the user checkthat, upon receiving a commercial call, the interlocutor is who he claims to be. For this, you can ask certain data that the company should know if we are already customers.

In case of receiving a commercial call from a company of which we are not customers, to avoid fraud we adviserequest the telephone number as well as the name of the caller. Then you can contact the company through another channel to confirm that it is one of its workers.

Finally, ‘Masvoz’ emphasizesthe importance of not sharing sensitive data as personal keys or passwords, since no banking entity or telephone operator will call its customers to ask for this type of data.

When purchasing a product or service through calls, it is necessary that all safety standards are met. The company emphasizes that automatic payment gateways are one of the “safest” ways by which companies manage transactions.

As every January 28, this Tuesday marks the European Data Protection Day, a commemoration that seeks to promote knowledge about the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the field.


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