June 18, 2021

Data Engineering starts successfully at the ULPGC despite the pandemic

«This degree, in principle, was designed to start in person, but last year, already during the second semester, we had to go online due to the pandemic, and that gave us a lot of background to be able to start up from September the Data Science and Engineering curriculum, but virtually. We have not had any problems in this first year, in fact, I am very happy with the students, they are responsible, hard-working, with concerns, “said Francisca Quintana, director of the School of Computer Engineering at the University of Las Palmas.

Data Engineering starts successfully at the ULPGC despite the pandemic

The first year they have started with 50 students, next year they will have 50 again and the third year they will go up to 75 places. “We preferred to start with a manageable number of students because in this way we can do things better,” he stressed.

This center, along with Legal Sciences, are the only ones in the ULPGC that continue to teach all the classes in the teletraining model. «In general Computer Science is one of the careers that can be given online without problems due to the subject itself, even with the technology we have you can perfectly emulate the laboratory environment, and when students have problems they share their screen and we can guide them. Therefore, teaching in Data Science has not been distorted because it is online ”, indicated the director of the School, although she announced that the forecasts are to return to face-to-face next year. “We teachers really want to see the faces of our students again and to maintain that already close contact.”

Francisca Quintana defines the profile of Data Science and Engineering students as people related to mathematics, statistics … «These students are passionate about technology, they like challenges with the ability to analyze, and they are the profile we are looking for that career, because a data scientist must just comply with those kinds of attitudes.

The School finalizes another degree in Physical Engineering and Mathematics for the 2022/2023 academic year


The project, which was started by the former director of Computer Engineering, Oliverio Santana with a group of professors from the Center, trains professionals with a profile based on three pillars: a technical one, which is computer science and programming; another analytical, of mathematics and statistics; and the third of people with business vision, capable of communicating and applying the other two pillars in the company.

«I value the start-up of the degree in a positive way, so much so that we even consider doing a double degree in Data Science with ADE. We have already had a first meeting with them and they are also very interested in the possibility of doing this type of collaboration. There are very few programs of this type in Spain, and it will also be a total success.

This offer could be launched in the academic year 2022/2023, the year in which the degree in Physical Engineering and Mathematics will also be implemented, whose memory is already in the last phase, to undergo the verification process. “The degrees have to be a living thing, that they are created as society needs them. At the School we have always been clear that we must look at Canarian society, see what it demands and propose degrees that meet those needs.

Curiosity and analytical skills are the key to making new discoveries and finding solutions to the problems and challenges posed by modern society. In this context, the new degree in Data Science and Engineering that the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has implemented this course is framed. In the upper image a professor of the degree, during an ‘online’ class and below the director of the School of Computer Engineering of the ULPGC, Francisca Quintana. |

Scope of application


Data Science provides the knowledge and skills necessary to manage data, regardless of its origin, format or size, giving a structure and developing models that can be analyzed to understand the behaviors behind and make predictions for the future.


The studies have application in the field of the company and business (banking, finance, market, advertising …), transport (warehouse management, product distribution, autonomous vehicles), automation (industrial processes, administrative management , personal assistants …), energy and sustainability (energy and environmental sensors), medicine and health (analysis of images and data, diagnosis, prevention …), education and training (personalized learning, assisted teaching), and in sustainable urban mobility, smart cities, security.


The studies, which allow complex analysis of huge amounts of data, are structured around three disciplines: Mathematics, Statistics and Intelligence.


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