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Daro Lpez reappears in Guiniguada with 'Chiquito Mquina' – La Provincia

The Guiniguada Theater from the capital of Gran Canaria, enthusiastically receives in the first week of October a new laugh session thanks to the presence of Darío López, the humorist of Icod de los Vinos (Tenerife), who comes to present his latest live show called Little Machine. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday through

Dario says there is a thin line that differentiates the really virtuous person in a matter of which he boasts and believes he is but without achieving it. The same expression defines both: Little machine! Well, that thin line is the one that the Tenerife humorist will explain with deep arguments about the Guiniguada tables, just as he did as his previous humorous delivery, That's how it is, with which he filled the enclosure in 2018.

"The love, the warmth and the good vibes of the public of Gran Canaria last year left me the same as when you have a good Yazmina sandwich, eager to repeat. We return with a lot of hope and wanting to spend another handsome time "

One of the heavyweights of humor in the Canary Islands is on the stage for another year. In Little machine!Darius play with projections, interact with your public delivery and he will be ready to demonstrate how he has managed to become a real machine.

Darío López is the visible face of Palante Producciones, a firm under which this function has been programmed in the capital theater for October 5 and that will repeat almost a month later in Arona, in the Infanta Leonor Auditorium.

The protagonist of the popular sequences of the Palante Producciones project, ensures that His followers have always been on social networks. This is where he frequently shares his particular audiovisual productions looking for humor, originality and entertainment.

Dario moves in a varied style that channels through parody, joke and pun always with a modern and updated vision combined with the most representative aspects of the Canarian idiosyncrasy.

In addition to the Carnival costumes -50% between popular and original- of recent years, another of its facets highlighted in the street, among the most traveled works of Palante Producciones The parodies of commercials and movie trailers stand out. However, at a more recent stage Darío López has opted to see the faces with his followers and what he has achieved is to fill theaters and auditoriums with his monologues and his presentations in the humorous line by which he has done with a prominent position in The podium of Canarian humor.

Canarian humor

Darío López, professional and natural rigger of Icod de los Vinos, stumbled upon the humor of chance. Simple, easygoing and with a special interest in making use of endless Canarian words in their stories, has become owner of that humor of the "magician" of the Canary Islands, but with the ingredient of audiovisual montages.

In this sense, this crack of humor dares with everything, from parodies of the great productions that carry the signature Hollywood to top-notch television shows like First Dates, Fourth Millennium, The Pawn Shop, or even the transformation to our jargon of commercials of last generation mobile phones or the most desired cars.

Palante Producciones began its journey in 2006 and, since then, has not stopped generating laughter to its audience. Its series also highlights its series The booth, which was issued in La 2 thanks to a national contract with RTVE, and from which a total of 12 chapters.

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