Darko Kovacevic, slightly wounded after being killed in a shooting in Athens – La Provincia

The former Serbian soccer player Darko Kovacevic, former player of the Real society, was the victim of a shooting on Monday night in Athens, although it has not been hit by bullets and is out of danger and with minor injuries for a fall, according to the Greek newspaper Ta Nea.

The former player, 46, was near his home in Glyfada, south of the Greek capital, when he was tackled by two men who left a vehicle to shoot him. After the shot, the Balkan threw himself to the ground, and the individuals left in the car thinking they had reached him.

Hours later, the police found the burned car; the vehicle, a priori, had not been stolen, since no one has reported its disappearance, although it is not ruled out that the perpetrators have used false license plates. According to the data collected by the authorities, the owner of the car resides in the city of Messinia.

Kovacevic was taken to a hospital for “preventive” reasons, although the bullet did not reach him. However, in the fall a knee and a wrist were damaged, and it is in a state of ‘shock’ because of what happened.


The Real Sociedad, Kovacevic team during two stages -1996-99 and 2001-07-, encouraged their former player. “We are worried news from Athens. Darko, we wish you a speedy recovery,” said the San Sebastian entity on social networks.


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