Darío Jaramillo wins the García Lorca International Poetry Award | Culture

, The Colombian writer Darío Jaramillo (Santa Rosa de Osos, Antioquia, 1947) has won the Federico García Lorca International Poetry Prizeof 2018. The award, created by the City Council of Granada in 2004, has rewarded the whole of his poetic work, "an investigation of my human condition, of the meaning of being alive and being a man of my time", describes the poet, to whom the news has taken him in Valencia, visiting his publishing house in Spain Pre-Textos. Jaramillo is considered one of the best poets in his country, although he is also the author of novels and essays. José Emilio Pacheco, Blanca Varela or José Manuel Caballero Bonald are among the previous winners of the award.

"It has been an absolute surprise. I did not expect it and I feel stimulated, as when I was a child they told you that you had done something right ", admits the author of Stories, Love Poems, Cross letters, The inner voice or Poetry in the Latin American popular song or your most recent The body and something else.

When they mention the fame of his romantic poetry, he recognizes that his work Love Poems it has been edited many times and "they end up pigeon-holing". But in addition to love, silence, music and time are present in the work of the Colombian writer. "I would say that these three themes are a constant in my poems," he explains.

Of The body and something elseJaramillo emphasizes that it is a book about death, nothing elegiac, but rather the vocation of every living being. "I've always had the feeling [la identidad personal es el tema del libro] that many of me have filed through daríos. Human beings are many different people throughout life, "he says.

He gestures with passion when asked if he finds similarities between his work and that of the poet who gives his name to the prize they have just awarded him. "García Lorca he is an immense poet and I am an apprentice; someone who neither ends nor wants to finish learning. I agree with him in the love of poetry and in the belief that the duende exists, an external force that seizes one the moment he tries to fix an emotion, a feeling. What happens is that Lorca is immortal and I am too mortal, "he smiles.

Jaramillo likes simplicity. "I'm not interested in the abstruse but the simple. It is harder to be direct than baroque, "says this retired writer of his position as cultural manager of the Bank of the Republic, where he acted as a great facilitator. Now he reads a lot of poetry, also novel and history and lately he is interested in philosophy.

As a man of his time, the poet values the end of the war with the FARC: "In Colombia there is a lot to do. It is a very unequal society, where a good part of the population has not been incorporated into the participatory life, but for the moment things are going better ".


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