Darias tries that the European Commissioner for Health does not pronounce on the meat debate

The Minister of Health Carolina Darias and the European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, have spoken about the controversial debate on red meat that is taking place these days after the statements by the Minister of Consumption Alberto Garzón. Darias has tried to prevent the commissioner from pronouncing on the issue after a journalist asked at a press conference by distributing a round of answers. However, Kyriakides has finally defended a “healthy and balanced diet” and recalled the European and health recommendations to reduce meat consumption.

The questions asked, first, about the possibility of administering a third dose of vaccine against COVID-19 and then about reducing the consumption of meat. “I answer the second and the commissioner to the first,” said the Minister of Health. Darias, has stated that “the most important thing is a healthy and balanced diet that provides the nutrients our body needs”.

After Carolina Darias’s intervention, Stella Kyriakides answered the first question, about vaccines, and then added her willingness to “comment on the second question.” In this sense, the commissioner has spoken of the importance of having “informed consumers”, as well as mentioned the European Plan to Fight Cancer, by which it is understood “the importance of having a balanced and healthy diet at all times”.

The document relates red and processed meat to the increased risk of suffering from diseases such as cancer, as indicated several years ago by a specific study by a UN scientific committee, and it is intended to carry out a “policy to promote agricultural products, in order to increase their contribution to sustainable production and consumption, and in line with the shift to a more plant-based diet, with more fruits and vegetables. ”


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