Danna Paola reveals the reasons that led her to leave 'Elite': "Lucrecía lived in me"

Danna Paola, in & # 039; El Hormiguero & # 039 ;.

Danna Paola, in 'El Hormiguero'.

'The Hormiguero' this Monday received a visit for the first time from Danna Paola. The Mexican singer and actress came to present her new album 'KO' and spoke with Pablo Motorcycles of 'Elite', the Serie with which he achieved fame in our country and which he left at the end of the third season.

The presenter wanted to know what led him to leave the series when "he was at the top." "It was hard", she began by acknowledging, who explained it: "When they started talking about the fourth season of EliteWe decided it among all of us who went out, "he began explaining.

"I played Hanna Montana because I divided my life into being an actress and a singer at that time. We were releasing 'Bad Fame' back then, one of the most listened to songs since I released music. It was very cool because I liked to work and give 100% in my work because I am very perfectionist and workaholic but I couldn't divide myself, "he said.

Danna gave details on how impossible it was to put it all together: "I left the filming of Elite and I went to the studioThen I would come home and do interviews, I would fly on weekends, I didn't make it to Miami one day because I fell asleep. It was difficult to lead that double life and I am very input with my character and in the end Lucrecia lived in me. Lucrecia was me and it was very difficult to create the character of a singer ",

"I needed to give 100% and I wanted to give my music a try for the first time. I started to compose good music, it was hard for me to accept that it was good music, "said the young woman, who was not the only star to leave the cast of adolescent fiction by Netflix whose fourth season is already ready to premiere.


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