Daniel Bethancourt, Atlantic School student, wins first prize at the IV National Mathematical Olympiad

Daniel Betancourt Esquivel and Don Victor Monagas / . C7

Tuesday, 5 July 2022, 14:52

In the company of two other students from the autonomous community, Daniel represented the Canary Islands in this national competition at the hands of the Luis Balbuena Castellano Canary Islands Society of Mathematics Teachers. Last May, Daniel was already the absolute winner of the
XV Primary Mathematics Tournament held on the island of Tenerife.

The President of the Canarian Society of Mathematics Teachers Luis Balbuena Castellano, Agar Arrocha, thanked the families of the champions for their availability and the "talented Canarian representatives in this national event", wishing them the greatest success".

The singular thing is that he is not the only student of this school who has stood out in tournaments and Mathematics Olympiads in the last calls. In recent years, several students have won awards and distinctions in different categories of this difficult discipline at the regional and national levels.

Atlantic School point out that, in addition to the talent of the students and the drive of their families, this fruit is the result of how mathematics is learned in the different school stages.

During the early childhood education stage,
Atlantic KIDSthe curiosity of the little ones in the subject is aroused through NUMICON, an innovative learning project where children play with mathematics and that trains them to develop multiple skills.

As Víctor Monagas, Mathematics teacher at the Atlantic School, explains, "the promotion of mathematical learning continues with interdisciplinary projects in the following stages of Primary and Secondary".

Monagas recalls that in addition to its own equipment and resources, Atlantic School encourages and supports programs to stimulate mathematical talent in different public and private institutions, and its students actively participate in the activities organized by entities such as the Luis Balbuena Mathematics Teachers Society. Castilians at all educational levels, also the ESTALMAT Project; sponsored by the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, which detects and stimulates mathematical talent in students between 12 and 13 years old.

In total there have been six students who have represented the Canary Islands in the IV Alevín Mathematical Olympiad and in the XXXII Junior Mathematical Olympiad that was held in Albacete and Cuenca. Next year these two events will be organized by the Canarian Society of Mathematics Teachers Luis Balbuena Castellano in the province of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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