Dani Martín reveals that he suffers from a skin disease

Dani Martín reveals that he suffers from a skin disease

The musician Dani Martín accumulates more than 80,000 popular support adhesions in a publication on his social networks in which he shows several rashes on his face and reveals that they are due to a skin disease called rosacea, which has been suffering for some time.

"It has been difficult for me to accept my skin from time to time, but this is me too," the singer states in his official Instagram account, in which he asks about the experiences of others affected and regrets "what he supposes I'll look at the rock and ask you if you're sick or you're starting to drug with crack. "

In the image, which has also generated about 5,000 comments, Martin downplays this evil by humorously launching a "viva la rosacea" and stressing that "what is important is what is inside".

"Imperfectos y reales", insists the interpreter from Madrid, one of the most successful in Spain.

Rosacea is a chronic and inflammatory disease of the skin that is more exteriorized in the central area of ​​the face with redness and pimples, even with pustules, and, to a lesser extent, in the eyes and eyelids, with itching, excess of tears or feeling of having sand in the sclera.

According to Dr. Eduardo López Bran, Head of the Dermatology Service of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, EfeSalud said the important thing is that people suffering from rosacea are well supported by a trusted specialist.

Antibiotics are the most effective treatment and preventive care is recommended, such as avoiding hot foods and beverages, spicy products and alcohol intake, as well as fleeing sudden changes in temperature and sun exposure without photoprotection. .


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