Dani Martín explains in ‘El Hormiguero’ the reason why El Canto del Loco does not return

Dani Martín went to ‘El Hormiguero’ last night to present his new album, ‘No, no Volver’. The title clearly refers to El Canto del Loco, after the confusion created on social networks as a result of a scripted video that the artist uploaded to their networks. In it, a taxi driver asked Martín if the group was coming back, which woke up the fans of the band.

The reality is that on the disc Martín reverses songs from El canto del Loco, in addition to including some unpublished. “In the song you talk about ego. Did the ego have something to do with the separation?“asked Pablo Motos. Taking advantage, Martín explained why the group has decided not to return after its dissolution.

“What I am talking about in the song is the noise that was around, the exhaustion, the fatigue, of people who wanted to be an artist and were not and were around, purging … All that exhausted us and made the group make a decision, for me super honest “, narrated Dani Martín.” In such a critical moment of the group Chema, David and I decided to start a solo career each one and give us a time “, however,” as in couples, sometimes it becomes an eternal time, as in this case, and in others, they return. ”

“In our case we decided not to return,” said Martín, who explained the reason why they decided not to return to the group: “The three of us are happy with our present and that’s why no one has picked up the phone to say: “Hey, do we tour or come back?” “And no, we haven’t been back”, clarified definitively. However, the singer believes that the group is still alive in its own way: “My cousin revisited the songs last year in his own way, in his way, and I have done it this year.”


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